I am a political scientist with an interdisciplinary approach. My research program in the last decade has generally focused on the intersection of security, politics, law and economics to examine the problems of water and the question of conflict, with a focus on the Middle East. 

My main scholarly contributions have focused on three more specific research interests. The first is the relationship between transboundary water resources, power, conflict and cooperation. The second is a critical examination of the climate change-conflict nexus that is applied to developing countries in conflict. The third is the intersection of International Relations theory and Middle East politics in explaining inter-state dynamics in the region after the Arab Spring. 

With fluency in written and spoken Arabic and French, I focused on Arabic, French and English sources to reflect on these subjects and have published books and articles in both English and French. 

I have received funding from the Swiss National Foundation, the Feris Foundation of America, Georgetown University, Princeton University and the London School of Economics. My first book received the Ernest Lémonon Book Prize from the French Academy (Académie Française).

Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) | ICC 251
Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service | Georgetown University
37th and O St, NW
Washington, DC 20057-1020