News Articles

15 April 2022. Impacts of the Ukraine War on the Arab World. Vice Arabia.

18 September 2021. War or peace? In Syria, water flows both ways. Geneva Solutions.

30 August 2021. ‘Desert’: drying Euphrates threatens disaster in Syria. Agence France Presse.

2 March 2021. Environmental Ruin Could Make Postwar Syria Unlivable. World Politics Review.


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Opinion Pieces

Daoudy, Marwa. April 5, 2017. Of Military Coups, Purges and Interventions: Turkey’s Syria Dilemma. CRIAVIEWS. The blog of the Cambridge Review of International Affairs. 

Daoudy, Marwa. 12 September 2016. The Need for Radical Transformation. Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change, Global Futures Initiatives. Washington DC: Georgetown University.

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Daoudy, Marwa. 22 July 2013. Sectarianism in Syria: Myths and Reality. Open Democracy.

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